Picture: Leon Lestrade/African NewsAgency(ANA)

Durban - A Comrades runner died in his sleep after he went back to his home in Limpopo.

Initially, no fatalities had been reported immediately after the 94th edition of the Comrades Marathon.

It was an up-run, from Durban to Pietermaritzburg.

Sonnyboy Ngobeni, 55, had travelled home by car with a group of friends, the day after the marathon. He was dropped off at his home on Monday evening, said Delaine Cools, Comrades Marathon spokesperson.

“When Ngobeni failed to answer telephone calls on Tuesday morning, friends managed to eventually break into his house to find that he had passed away in his sleep,” Cools said.

The CMA said Ngobeni was in good condition when he finished the Comrades and when his friends dropped him off at home.

Ngobeni had ran for the University of Limpopo Running Club and had finished the marathon in a good condition which earned him a Robert Mtshali medal.

Cheryl Winn, Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) chairperson, said: “We are deeply saddened by the death of Mr Ngobeni. This was his second Comrades Marathon, at which he achieved his Comrades Back-to-Back medal. Our condolences go out to his family, friends and running club members.”

His funeral will be held on Saturday in Mamaila Village, Limpopo.

Dr Jeremy Boulter, CMA Medical Convener, said 595 runners received medical treatment at the Finish Venue Medical Facility at the Scottsville Racecourse. Of these, 442 were attended to at the main Medical Tent while 153 runners received R&R, rubdowns, strapping, massage and mild treatment at the St. John’s Tent.

Moreover, 69 patients were treated in hospital; of those, 12 were referred from the Medical Tent at the Finish whilst the rest were taken directly from the route. 7 patients were admitted into ICU and 3 into High Care. All were discharged, Boulter said.

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