Pupils and teachers were left traumatised after Siboniso Nyawose, a teacher at Masuku Primary School in Folweni, south of Durban, was shot by two men who had walked onto the school premises. I MOTSHWARI MOFOKENG African News Agency (ANA)

OPINION: Guns in class? Unacceptable! If corporal punishment was allowed to be administered by the principal only for extreme cases and after a fair hearing, then there would be no need for teachers to carry guns. Delinquent pupils would learn quickly not to transgress rules. With guns a pupil or teacher could be killed or kill someone unnecessarily in a fit of rage. I pity the person who even suggested the carrying of guns.

School violence can be overcome by good planning. 1. Strengthen the policies between school and parents. 2. The curriculum for foundation phase should allow pupils to learn the art of moral and ethical values thoroughly. 3. Schools which can’t afford CCTV or security should get community forums to monitor the premises. 4. The policies of the SGBs should be reinforced. The pupils of today will become leaders of tomorrow. Norman Pillay

Some want guns in the classroom, but speak about controlled corporal punishment and they get fits about human rights. You are weird if you endorse guns but say no to corporal punishment. Guns kill, controlled corporal punishment do not! Maybe both should not be allowed but then there must be an effective deterrent like cleaning up the school or payment to the victim. Something good must come of a bad situation so lessons are learnt quickly and pupils are afraid to transgress. Realistic teacher.

I’m not surprised by the violence of teachers and parents. The government thought they were doing right. When I grew up, we got hit with a belt. I did not die. I understand that hitting a child is wrong, that’s child abuse, but a smack on the behind did not kill anyone that’s why there is no control in the home and at school, so the powers-that-be please consider some change in your plan. Are you waiting for more things to happen?

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