A weather warning has been issued for KZN Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng/African New Agency (ANA)

Durban - A weather alert has been issued for parts of KwaZulu-Natal on Monday. 

According to the South African WEster Services (SAWS), severe thunderstorms are expected over western parts of KZN as well as the Midlands. SAWS said thunderstorms are also predicted for areas in northern KZN. 

In Durban, partly conditions are expected for the afternoon with a 60 percent chance of thundershowers in the evening. 

The rains are expected to continue on Tuesday with the weather easing up on Wednesday. 

In Durban, Margate, Richards Bay and Riverview, there is a slight chance of rain with weather becoming partly cloudy for the remainder of the day. 

Safety precautions during a thunderstorm:

  • If outdoors, seek shelter immediately, but DO NOT seek shelter under a tree, under telephone and/or power lines, on hilltops, in isolated sheds, under unprotected gazebos or picnic areas.
  • Avoid being near metal objects such as - fences, golf carts, telephone or power lines and steel structures such as pylons and windmills. 
  • Do not - hold any metal object, use any electrical appliance, use the telephone, take a bath or shower. 
  • Do not play sport during thunderstorms. Golfers and fishermen are at high risk.
  • If possible, stay indoors well clear of windows shelter pets and cover vehicles,
  • Disconnect electrical appliances.

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