EFFs Magdalene Moonsamy shows off her engagement ring.
EFFs Magdalene Moonsamy shows off her engagement ring.
Magdalene Moonsamy
Magdalene Moonsamy


Durban-born Magdalene Moonsamy, 35, who is best known as the former ANC Youth League spokeswoman and Julius Malema supporter, is engaged.

Moonsamy confirmed her engagement, saying that “It happened last week Saturday and was simply perfect”.

She is now head of international relations and solidarity for the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Moomsamy is tight-lipped about who her fiancé is, saying, “He is a very private man and not at all in the public eye. He works in the private sector and is not a lawyer as previous media reports have said.”


She also said he did not have strong ties with Malema, but was an EFF supporter.

According to Moonsamy, her fiancé took her out to dinner and proposed to her.

“It was a surprise, I did not expect it at all because we have only been dating for a year now,” she said.

He presented her with an almost two carat diamond ring.

She also said her fiancé has been accommodating of her “crazy work schedule”.

“He understands that work is very important to me and he respects what I adore.”

Moonsamy plans to tie the knot this year.

“We are both from Durban, so our wedding will be in KZN. We are still playing around with dates. It will be difficult to keep it small and private because there are so many people who have been waiting for me to get married.”


EFF leader Julius Malema would be at the wedding.

“He actually has no choice in the matter: he has to be there. He is my brother, friend and confidant; we have been through a lot together,” she said.

Moonsamy left the ANC after 19 years in the organisation to join the EFF last month.

“It is great at the EFF. I love it very much. It is a great place to be at politically because we are changing the political landscape of South Africa.”

- Daily News