MKP’s Reddy charged over violent rant

MK member in KwaZulu-Natal Visvin Reddy faces jail time for inciting violence. Photo: Supplied

MK member in KwaZulu-Natal Visvin Reddy faces jail time for inciting violence. Photo: Supplied

Published Apr 3, 2024


Durban — Umkhonto weSizwe Party’s senior member in KwaZulu-Natal and eThekwini councillor Visvin Reddy has been charged with inciting violence.

Reddy has been summoned to appear in the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday (today). He was charged under Act 17 of 1956 after the threatening comments he made outside the Durban High Court recently, where the MK Party was taken to court over the use of the name uMkhonto weSizwe and its spear and shield logo. The first appearance was in early March and it was postponed to last week when judgment was reserved.

In a 50-second video clip that went viral, a visibly angry Reddy said the ANC was doing its best to stop the MK Party from contesting the elections, warning of anarchy and riots.

“They are trying all tricks, they are going to courts, they want to stop the MK from registering. Please, ANC, listen, MK is uMkhonto weSizwe, you are talking about the Military Veterans’ Association which the ANC disbanded years ago, it’s not the same.

“You don’t have the trademark on this MK logo so what gives you the right to claim that MK belongs to you? You have no chance in court but we are sending a loud and clear message that if these courts, which are sometimes captured, try to stop the MK there will be anarchy in this country. There will be riots that have never been seen in this country.

“No South African will go to the polls if MK is not on the ballot,” Reddy said in the clip.

Reddy refused to comment and referred the Daily News to his spokesperson Sabina Chetty who confirmed that he was charged and was expected to appear in the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court for comments he made.

Chetty denied that Reddy incited violence, saying he just reminded people of what happened in KZN when former president Jacob Zuma was arrested in July 2021.

“These comments were made in response to the threats to remove MK from the ballot. He reminded the ANC and IEC that the support Zuma had was enormous and would upset the general public. However, the NPA, in its attempt to shut MKP down, has charged him.

“Reddy has explained his actions in follow-up social media releases. However, the ANC has continued to use state resources to carry out threats made by Ramaphosa to have Mr Reddy arrested. Mr Reddy has been a long-term activist since 1980. In fact, he held several meetings post the riots of 2021 to rebuild the trust of and quell the racial tension in the community in Phoenix,” said Chetty.

National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson in KwaZulu-Natal Natasha Ramkisson-Kara confirmed that Reddy was summoned.

“The NPA can confirm that summons were issued. No further details will be divulged pending the first court appearance.”

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