‘New humans’ empowered by insights at Mancosa East Coast Radio Business Breakfast

Mancosa East Coast Radio Business Breakfast.

Mancosa East Coast Radio Business Breakfast.

Published Apr 16, 2024


Durban — Business enthusiasts were equipped with business insights necessary to transform aspirations into lasting achievements at the Mancosa East Coast Radio (ECR) Business Breakfast held at the Durban ICC on Thursday, under the theme, “From Dreams to Legacy”.

Anticipation for the business breakfast soared as tickets sold out within two weeks of launch, setting the stage for a morning brimming with invaluable insights and unparalleled networking opportunities, said ECR.

Teaming up with Mancosa, ECR curated a networking environment that allowed attendees to mingle and exchange ideas and business cards.

“The line-up of speakers was nothing short of a wealth of knowledge,” said the organisers.

Kicking off the morning was John Sanei. The renowned author and global keynote speaker encouraged leaders to see beyond tomorrow.

“With AI on the rise, and technology constantly changing the world, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future,” Sanei said, explaining to attendees that they needed to become a new type of human.

“The new type of human requires us to think about how we deal with this uncertainty with excitement instead of trepidation. How do you become excited about things you don’t understand? If you go through the process of understanding the future is an emotional journey, not an intellectual one; it’s not about what you know, it’s about how you react. Now you have arrived and become the new human,” he said.

A line-up of speakers at the Mancosa East Coast Radio Business Breakfast. Picture: Supplied

Known for his innovative ventures in entrepreneurship, Miles Kubheka received a standing ovation for his powerful speech on finding opportunities in problems. He urged people to overcome their fear of failure.

“It’s one thing to have big dreams, it is another thing to wake up and do. You have to be comfortable knowing that things will not always go (according) to plan when you are running a business.”

Leanne Manas then shared insights into how to lead during dark times.

“What we need, now more than ever, is strong leadership. Even in the darkest times, leaders let their light shine through because the most important light is the one inside us,” she said.

The morning reached its pinnacle with keynote speaker Vusi Thembekwayo, who is celebrated for his astute observations on leadership. With charisma and authority, he inspired attendees to change their approach to leadership and be more authentic.

Expressing this analogy in detail, Thembekwayo had this to say: “I have been in business long enough to know that you get rewarded for results and not authenticity. We have a challenge of authenticity in leadership. It is easier to lead something external than it is to lead yourself.”

Business enthusiasts attended the Mancosa East Coast Radio Business Breakfast at the Durban ICC on Thursday. Picture: Supplied

During the breakfast, five learners from disadvantaged backgrounds each received a laptop, router, and a R22 000 bursary from ECR and Mancosa.

The Mancosa East Coast Radio Business Breakfast attendees left not only with a valuable goody bag but also with newfound inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose, ready to embark on their own journeys from dreams to legacy.

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