Suhail Ramcharan died after allegedly being denied treatment at a clinic. Picture: Supplied
Durban- A Phoenix family is demanding answers from the Department of Health, saying their son died after being denied life-saving treatment at a local clinic.

Suhail Ramcharan, 34, had been enjoying an evening with friends and family last Saturday when he complained that he was not feeling well.

His father, Kem Ramcharan, said a neighbour and one of Ramcharan’s closest friends, Ciran Jagaysor, rushed Ramcharan to hospital.

Along the way, Ramcharan was having trouble breathing and signalled to Ciran to take him to the clinic in Unit 10, Redfern.

Kem and his wife arrived at the clinic to find their son lying on a stretcher.

The distraught father said a doctor and nurse told him his son was dead.

“I picked his head up and he had a faint pulse. I asked the doctor why they were not treating him. I told them nothing was being done here. We were told another doctor had been treating Suhail and they had to wait for that doctor to return.

“I told them that was not normal procedure. I said if one doctor was not present, surely another doctor should be able to treat a patient,” he recalled.

Kem said he told the staff present that if they were unable to treat his son, they should allow him to take him to another medical facility.

They apparently refused to allow the family to move Ramcharan, saying they were not allowed to move a dead body. Kem said they wanted to take their son to a private hospital.

Nivashnee Naidoo, Ramcharan’s wife, said when she arrived at the clinic a doctor apparently told them that Ramcharan’s pupils were dilated.

Nivashnee Naidoo spoke of her heartbreak at losing her husband, Suhail Ramcharan. She is pictured with her children, 6-year-old Saivera and 6-month-old Saiuv. Picture: Sibonelo Ngcobo/ANA Pictures

“The doctor never physically examined him. I felt a pulse and began CPR on him. He then started to vomit. He opened one eye and closed it again,” Naidoo said.

The family took Ramcharan to Mount Edgecombe Hospital. According to Kem, when they arrived there, Ramcharan was still breathing.

“At the hospital, they did whatever they could for him, and at 1am I was told that he had died,” said Kem.

The family claimed that the clinic nurses had not filled in any forms or created a file for Ramcharan.

Kem described his son as a healthy person who loved drag racing. Ramcharan leaves behind his wife and two children, 6-year-old daughter Saivera, and 6-month-old son Saiuv.

Kem said he expected to meet his attorney on Monday. He said he wanted justice for his son and retribution for the way in which the staff at the clinic handled the matter.

“How many other people are being treated in a similar fashion, but do not complain about it? On the night Suhail was taken to the clinic, it was not full. There were ambulances parked outside that could have assisted with bringing him oxygen,” said Kem.

Sam Mkhwanazi, Department of Health spokesperson, said: “The demise of any individual is a painful experience.

“Without prejudice, the department would like to pass its condolences to the family. Regarding the allegations, the department is unable to comment as this matter is subject to an investigation by the police.”

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