Nuclear Sub - Picture: Jon-Erik Munro

A Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine, believed to be the hunter-killer HMS Talent, has quietly slipped into Simon’s Town.

But the reason for its visit remains a secret despite its sailors’ presence in various city watering holes.

Neither South African Navy nor British High Commission military staff were prepared to reveal anything about the visit on Tuesday.

It is not known when the Royal Navy submarine arrived or when it will leave Cape Town, although an application to the Nuclear Regulator earlier this year requested a permit for a visit for the period between May 10 and 30.

HMS Talent is believed to have been on an extended patrol of the southern Atlantic.

South African Navy spokesmen declined to comment, saying they could not speak on behalf of their guests, and an official in the naval attaché’s office at the British High Commission in Pretoria said such matters were not discussed with the media.

HMS Talent has obtained a permit from the SA Nuclear Regulator to enter South African territorial waters and dock in Simon’s Town.

A notice from the regulator states that the SA Navy applied for the permit on behalf of the Royal Navy, which is common practice according to protocol.