Durban - The South Durban Community Environmental Alliance wants trucks to be taken off Durban's roads as they are a danger to members of the community and children, said activist Desmond D'sa.

D'sa said they will be hosting a community engagement meeting on Wednesday evening as the group lobbies for support to put pressure on the government to get rid of trucks in Durban's residential suburbs. 

"People have had enough of the trucks. There is hardly any law enforcement taking place. We wake up in our communities to find that a trucking company has moved in overnight, in our backyards. When members of the community complain, we find that these guys are untouchable, they are protected," he said. 

D'sa members of the community were suffering with alleged heightened accidents, social decay and taverns springing up to meet the demands of truck drivers, who D'sa argued they drove drunk. 

"These trucks are in our areas, the drivers are in our areas, they jam up the residential areas. We want them out of harms way, away from the kids and away from the residential areas where they smash into light poles and destroy like they are doing now," he said. 

D'sa said they were calling for a drive port to be established in the Cato Ridge area, west of Durban. He said affected areas included Clairwood, the Bluff, Wentworth, Merebank, Sea View, Isipingo, Chatsworth, Glenwood and eMkhomazi.

* The community meeting will take place at the Clairwood Tamil Institute, 59 Sir Kurma Reddi Road, Clairwood. 

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