Amazing footage of a mother and calf humpback whale frolicking in the waters at Umdloti beach Video and picture: Richard Melvill

Durban - If you’re looking for a much needed break from #CrimeStats, look what we have for you! Have you ever seen a humpack whale and her calf just frolicking about in the water? No, well here you are.

Durban photographer and videographer, Richard Melvill has done it again.

Last week, Melvill was on his way to grab lunch on his skateboard when he noticed a group of people standing along Umdloti beach, north of Durban.

“I stopped to see what all the fuss was about and noticed a big fin sticking out the water so I immediately raced home to get my camera equipment to try get some footage of the whales so close to the shore. Only once i got out there did I notice there was more than one humpback whale and a calf all just chilling giving everyone on the beach a nice show,” he said.

Melvill said it was really special to see the interaction between the mother and calf. “We often see whales of the shore of umdloti this time of year but its very rare we get to watch them for so long and up close like this,” he said.

Daily News