DURBAN: 060214 Shaida Ally points at her sisters's blood stains on the wall that was left when she was attacked stabbed 9 times by the unknown man in Chatsworth on Monday. PICTURE: GCINA NDWALANE

Durban - A partially blind Chatsworth woman has lost all sight after she was attacked and stabbed nine times by assailants who pounced on her while she was at her clothes line.

Muneera Abdool-Kadir, 58, of Arena Park, had regained some of her sight after an operation a few years ago. But the two assailants used her scarf to gag her before dragging her around her yard.

They banged her head repeatedly against a wall and stabbed her on her temple, face, neck, and chest.

Her family said she would have been killed had she not put up a fight – and had it not been for a neighbour’s dog that broke its chain and scared the thugs away.

Abdool-Kadir spent two days in RK Khan Hospital after the attack on Monday morning.

Saida Ally, 64, her eldest sister, said Abdool-Kadir was fetching clothes from the line when the attackers, who had been waiting in bush behind the house, sneaked up from behind.

“The suspects dragged her into the backyard. They then slammed her head into the wall numerous times and continued to assault her.

“According to what we have heard, the suspects wanted to drag her into land behind the house where they had been waiting,” said Ally.

Abdool-Kadir’s other sister, Safura Abdool-Kadir, 60, said Muneera had been completely blind for five years of her life, but after an operation she gained 50 percent vision. “Now she is completely blind again,” she said.

She said her sister had been left traumatised after the ordeal.

“She is scared now and does not want to be left alone because she thinks the attacker will come back and finish her off. She sometimes claims to be hearing footsteps of someone sneaking up on her. She hasn’t been the same,” she said.

Ally said Muneera had put up a “great fight” to defend herself.

“The attackers would have murdered her easily if she had not fought back,” she said. “And she was also lucky because our neighbour’s dog was barking because of the attack and it broke the chain, jumped over the wall and scared the attackers away,” she said.

Safura added that the attackers had probably not thought her sister would put up a fight.

The victim declined to be interviewed because she wanted to rest. “She is too terrified to talk about the attack. She will heal physically but we don’t think she will heal psychologically,” Ally said.

Ally said the attack was one of many in Arena Park because the area was plagued with criminals. “I don’t understand why they attacked her because they didn’t take anything. They didn’t come into the house, they didn’t take the clothes, they just chose to attack a defenceless old woman,” she said.

Muneera was found by the back door of her house after she collapsed.

“My nephew discovered her by the door after he heard a loud bang. She managed to crawl to the door after the attack but that was about it,” said a distraught Safura.

Ally said the family had been left shattered and confused by the attack but were grateful to community members who have been extending their support by visiting her sister.

“She has been getting a lot of support from family and friends, they have been here since she came home on Wednesday,” she said.

Police spokesman, Captain Thulani Zwane, confirmed that a case of attempted murder had been opened at Chatsworth police station but no arrests had yet been made.

“We are investigating the matter and believe the perpetrators will be arrested,” Zwane said.

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