Young woman plunges to her death at Durban beach

A young woman was declared dead after she allegedly jumped off a pier into the sea at North Beach. Picture: PT Alarms

A young woman was declared dead after she allegedly jumped off a pier into the sea at North Beach. Picture: PT Alarms

Published Apr 3, 2024


Durban – Family Day ended in tragedy when a woman plunged to her death at a Durban beach.

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda said Durban Central police were investigating after a 27-year-old woman allegedly jumped from the Bay of Plenty pier in North Beach on Monday.

“She was brought out by lifesavers and was declared dead on the scene,” Netshiunda said.

PT Alarms spokesperson Dhevan Govindasamy said PT Ambulance Service paramedics rushed to the scene after being called by police when attempts to contact the provincial ambulance failed. The PT Ambulance team were in the area as medical service providers for the Festival of Chariots event.

“Alert lifeguards acted quickly and retrieved the victim from the water. The specialized PT Ambulance medical crew acted swiftly and arrived on the scene where lifeguards were busy initiating CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) for approximately 25 minutes,” Govindasamy said.

“Both the lifeguards and the PT Ambulance crew tried their best with the patient but she was declared deceased on scene.”

Govindasamy said the PT Ambulance Service would like to thank the Durban Lifesaving Club, Durban SAPS, Durban Metro Police and other role players for their efforts.

“RIP to the victim and sincere condolences to the family of the deceased young lady,” Govindasamy said.

In an unrelated incident in January, a traditional healer from oThongathi condemned the new trending cliff-jumping challenge known as #IndlondloYamanziChallenge following a concerning video of a young man who was seen jumping from a South Beach pier straight into the water.

The young man appeared to be having difficulty in the water and then the video cuts off.

The trend went viral on social media after numerous videos were shared by Sithembele “Indlondlo Yamanzi” Ndlovu, 24, on his TikTok social media page.

He grabbed the attention of social media users, who shared their concerns each time he posted himself performing the unusual ritual in dams, rivers and waterfalls.

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