Growing voices are demanding that Pravin Gordhan step down argues the letter writer, adding the he support this. Itumeleng English African News Agency (ANA)
OPINION - Load shedding is not caused through an act of God but through the actions of people responsible for the power utility that keeps the lights on in this country.

The one positive aspect of this catastrophe is that it has united South Africans from all walks of life and from all political parties to condemn and lay blame squarely on the shoulders of government.

Quite rightly so, as the government is solely responsible for Eskom which it appoints and funds through our taxes.

Eskom reports to the Minister of Public Enterprises, through a Board of directors appointed by him. A simple management principle is that those in positions of authority are responsible people - when things go right they are responsible and the same applies when things go wrong.

We now have a red-faced president who is left embarrassed and shocked because, on advice from his minister (appointed by him), he announced to the country on December 17 last year that there will be no load shedding till January 13.

The excitement was, however, short-lived because, low and behold, the country was plunged into darkness again in spite of assurances by the president that this won’t happen.

In the face of mounting pressure from the public, Eskom chairman and former acting CEO Jabu Mabuza tenders his resignation and apologises to the president. Is this good enough?

Mabuza was not appointed by us but by Gordhan, as the minister responsible for Eskom.

Growing voices are demanding that Pravin Gordhan step down and I support this. He remains the Minister in the Presidency responsible for load shedding.

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