ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa pictured on the campaign trail. FILE PHOTO: ANA
ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa pictured on the campaign trail. FILE PHOTO: ANA

LETTER: Ramaphosa will free SA from challenges

By Prakash Singh Time of article published Apr 24, 2019

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It was with shock and a deep sense of sadness I read “Is the ANC not using Indian voters too” from Another Singh (Daily News, April 12).

Shock, because one cannot fathom how a person of Indian origin can find nothing wrong with the DA’s racist behaviour towards his/her own community.

Sad, because it seems we Indians lack pride and dignity and still believe that white is right.

Most DA supporters in so-called Indian areas face land invasions, an influx of informal settlers, overgrown verges, illegal dumping, power outages, burst water pipes, potholes, and faulty traffic lights.

Before the 2016 local government elections, the DA promised improved services, but post elections there is a big gap between promise and delivery. We were duped.

Criticism will be levelled at all public representatives, irrespective of party affiliation, if voters are short-changed. As the official opposition in council, there is a need for more vigorous protest against poor service - in this regard the DA has failed dismally.

There is no way the DA will win next month’s elections or in the foreseeable future, because its electoral support is less than 20% and thus will be unable to deliver on election promises.

Do we then back a losing horse?

The majority of the electorate see President Cyril Ramaphosa as the man who will lead his party to a decisive victory next month.

Ramaphosa is hailed as a person who is wealthy enough not to be tempted to dip his hand in the cookie jar. He knows business and will boost investor confidence, and has a good understanding of labour issues.

His involvement in the Convention for a Democratic South Africa negotiations puts him in high standing.

He is the one who will take the country out of its current challenges, arrest and imprison those guilty of state capture, grow the economy, create jobs and provide housing for the homeless.

I urge the Indian community to vote for President Ramaphosa on May 8.

Prakash Singh Phoenix

Daily News

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