Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)
OPINION - I was amazed to hear Mathole Motshekga announce that apartheid is to blame for corruption (by, I presume, his ANC brothers). After about 25 years of ANC rule, the party now blames apartheid for the fact that many of its members in positions of power have stolen billions from the mouths of their own brothers and sisters.

I suppose I should not be surprised. After all, apartheid has been blamed for every other failure in South Africa, such as Eskom’s ills.

Motshekga also said Cyril Ramaphosa had convened a national interfaith gathering to launch a social movement for renewal. I guess that means everybody will pray that the stealing will stop as the culprits suddenly see the light.

Mr Motshekga, you are speaking rubbish. Capturing and stealing were not invented by the black man in Africa and neither was it created by the National Party. Stealing is part of everyday life around the world.

However, the difference is that Africa has taken it to the level of “killing the goose that lays the golden egg”. Raping Eskom, the SABC, SAA and other state entities has brought these businesses to their knees.

Internationally (and I have visited at least 40 countries on business) bribes are fairly normal, but are kept low enough to ensure that businesses are not destroyed, but continue to operate so that more bribes can be paid and the staff employed don’t lose their jobs.

Bribes were not invented by the ANC; it’s just that the people in powerful positions happen to be ANC members. When the DA takes power, or Julius Malema is president, there will be no change. The stealing will continue as long as MPs and others running businesses owned by government think only of themselves and not the people who put them in power. Why do you think, Mr Motshekga, the people, your people, are burning and marching in the townships today? It’s not because of apartheid; it’s because they fought so hard for freedom and their leaders, despite spending years on Robben Island, are now stealing from the poor and failing to keep their promises to the people who voted them into power.

Cry their beloved country.

Richard Stewart Glenvista

Daily News