LETTER: There is a sinister agenda at play in Eskom crisis

By Visvin Reddy Time of article published Feb 21, 2020

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OPINION  - The ESKOM business model is very strange.

Here is a state-owned company that uses coal to make power and, as a country, we have an abundant supply of coal.

In fact, we have so much coal that we give it to Sasol to make petrol and today Sasol is one of the most profitable companies in the world.

We also sell our surplus coal to other countries.

The most amazing thing about the Eskom business model is that it is also funded by the government.

So in summary, we have a company that has a monopoly in the market and is funded by the state, and still runs at a loss.

Whatever the case may be, Eskom must work because if it doesn’t, it affects every South African.

The president announced in his SONA (State of the Nation Address) that financially stable municipalities may now buy power from IPPs (Independent Power Producers).

Wait a minute.

The Eskom customers that keep it afloat are municipalities, and now we (are) saying to these municipalities that they don’t need to buy power from Eskom? That they can go to IPPs?

The IPPs are companies that were awarded multibillion-rand tenders to supply alternative energy.

This tender was shrouded in mystery and rumours abound that those politically connected were handed these contracts.

The writing is on the wall for Eskom as someone is working hard to destabilise the company and render it dysfunctional.

Why? Are we going to wake up one morning and find Eskom replaced by a private energy company with close links to certain politicians?

If this happens, then you and I will be totally in the dark and in the hands of outside forces whose sole aim will be to make profits.

In certain African countries key utilities, like water and energy, have been sold off to foreign companies.

To keep their taps open, these countries are indebted to the foreigners who rape the lands of all their resources.

We want you to be wary of what’s going on with Eskom and the government’s handling of the matter.

There is a sinister agenda at play. Something is terribly wrong.

Visvin Reddy Activists Movement of SA, Durban

Daily News

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