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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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The value of embracing outer and inner silence

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology adviser. Picture: Supplied

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology adviser. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 17, 2023



Modern humans have lost their ability to connect with their inner true selves. The earth’s natural sound has been drowned out by man-made noise.

The silence that appears now is so foreign that it’s hard to believe that it was present everywhere over 200 years ago. Living with a background of noise in our daily lives means there is always a trace of agitation inside us that is caused by the noise. Not only is the noise outside us problematic, but also the noise inside us.

The chatter in our brains always disturbs the natural silence of our minds, which we are unable to control. This creates problems and uncertainties. The fact that we are not living in the present moment implies that we are stuck thinking about past or future problems.

Both inner and outer noise are now separating us from our true selves. Yet, silence provides a path to confront our deepest fears and self-limiting beliefs. Silence can have a powerful impact on our mental health if it is allowed to reveal itself to us.

Silence can mean loneliness, isolation or awkwardness to certain individuals. It is often used with negative consequences like silent treatment, emotional withdrawal or disapproval. Like any power, it is capable of hurting or healing and perhaps this is why people respond differently to it. It is a well-known fact that too much noise can negatively impact our mental health.

In the absence of noise, what happens to our brains? Silence is a way to release tension from the brain, unlike noise which can cause tension and stress. It has been found that sitting in silence for two minutes can be more effective than listening to relaxing music because of the way it positively adjusts blood circulation and pressure in the brain.

How does silence tap into our inner power? Silence is the key to tapping into our inner power. We give our dreams to the universe, allowing it to create its own magic. Realise, that when we go into silence, we are challenged to look deep inside ourselves.

Realising our reason for existence can mean more purposeful living. Healing takes place here, recognising the qualities that connect to mindfulness, instinct and fulfilment are already within us. By using silence as a balancer for conflicts and healing, we can hear our hearts, silence our noisy consciousness and achieve inner stability that we never knew existed. Silence has been given various titles by literature, including “Self- Realisation”, “Consciousness” or “Living in the Now”.

Silence has psychological benefits that enrich decision-making skills, focus, self-control and calming down racing thoughts. Silence in communication has a cultural significance and can be interpreted in different contexts.

What makes silence so powerful? Out of all forms of communication, silence is one of the most powerful. Silence has a greater impact on communication than words. Alternatively, silence can be used to show respect and attentiveness. Silence provides a peaceful environment that nurtures inner calmness, which is crucial in overcoming the stresses of daily life. Silence is needed to remain in control of your life as the world becomes louder and more frantic. Inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci said, “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence”.

The human race is destined to experience a profound sense of deep peace and happiness without the need to depend on anything external. When we make the choice to let go of uncertainties, we feel lighter, secure and more capable. Disengage your mind from wandering into repeatedly playing and taking in these noises.

To connect to your true self, it’s not just a question of closing yourself off from both outside and inside noises. It’s possible to have a foot in both camps, expose yourself to both inner and outer noise, and at the same time still be rooted in your true self. This can happen when there is a moderate degree of both noises.

Focus on a mantra or your breathing. During challenging times, find a place of calm and silence to allow for healing as everything will heal at its own pace. The mind can be re-patterned to embrace every aspect of our lives by embracing silence. Finding your true self is possible when we manifest our aspirations with unbreakable confidence and ever-increasing persistence to cultivate it.

Our imperfect senses make it challenging to understand things that are beyond our experimental powers. Real human life means nurturing our present existential conditions. Accept the power of silence voluntarily as a path to a higher self. A secure, peaceful life is possible if our senses are not agitated by material influence.

Gain knowledge from literature and allow silence to liberate you from modern programming. Crystal-clear thinking, renewed energy and most essentially, the power of silence will invigorate you to find your true self.

Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology adviser.

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