Picture by Matthews Baloyi
OPINION - The lack of political will, vision and commitment towards the implementation of educational polices is a major factor behind the sorry state of education.

In addition to the shabby condition of several primary and secondary school buildings, in some instances the school population has to face severely cramped classrooms, environmentally unsound and dangerous structures, a pit toilet system and in some schools, no textbooks whatsoever at the commencement of the academic year, thereby seriously compromising the education of thousands of pupils.

The current and previous ministers of education have constantly demonstrated gross ineptitude and the inability to govern and manage this critically important sector.

Parents, guardians, teachers and pupils are painfully and desperately seeking dedicated, meaningful and progressive leadership for our education sector.

The government should remember that when young people are gainfully employed, rather than in prison or on social welfare grants; when they are earning higher wages and paying greater taxes that support the retirement, health care and social needs of other citizens, everyone wins. Money invested well in education makes an enormous difference to the welfare of all.

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