Vision for KwaZulu-Natal to rise and thrive

Nonkululeko Hlongwane-Mhlongo is the Rise Mzansi premier candidate in KwaZulu-Natal.

Nonkululeko Hlongwane-Mhlongo is the Rise Mzansi premier candidate in KwaZulu-Natal.

Published Apr 18, 2024



KwaZulu-Natal is a vibrant mosaic of cultures, landscapes, and opportunities. However, beneath its surface lie deep-rooted challenges that demand innovative solutions and unwavering commitment.

My vision for KwaZulu-Natal is one that places care, accountability, and community prosperity at its core — a vision that aims to uplift every resident and ensure a thriving future for generations to come, all while preserving and nurturing the dignity of each individual.

At the heart of my leadership philosophy is the fundamental belief that the well-being and longevity of the province’s citizens must be paramount. This ethos underscores the imperative for leadership to prioritise the health and welfare of our people above all else, ensuring that every individual is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. This commitment to dignity permeates every aspect of my vision, from governance and decision-making to social and economic development initiatives.

One of the primary pillars of my vision is the principle of placing people over politics. This entails a commitment to a strict separation between administrative and political roles, preventing indecisiveness and bureaucratic inefficiencies from translating into hardships for the populace. By fostering a culture of responsive governance, I aim to empower communities and ensure that their needs are met promptly and effectively, while also upholding the dignity of every citizen by valuing their voices and contributions.

Central to my vision is the recognition of the province’s vast potential to thrive. From the bustling urban centres to the tranquil rural landscapes, KwaZulu-Natal possesses the resources and resilience to overcome challenges and prosper. To harness this potential, I advocate for comprehensive support for all segments of society, irrespective of age, background, or geographic location. This includes measures to promote economic opportunity and social inclusion, ensuring that every resident can live a life of dignity and fulfilment.

Addressing the pressing challenge of climate change is a key priority in my vision for KwaZulu-Natal. Recognising the devastating impact of climate-related disasters on livelihoods and communities, I propose proactive measures to build resilience and adaptability. This includes implementing comprehensive training programmes for farmers to mitigate the impacts of drought on livestock, promoting the cultivation of drought-resistant crop varieties, and fostering community-based initiatives to combat environmental degradation — all while safeguarding the dignity of those most affected by climate change.

In addition to environmental sustainability, my vision encompasses a holistic approach to social and economic development, rooted in the principles of dignity and inclusion. This includes measures to support vulnerable populations, such as single mothers, through targeted policies and programs that uphold their dignity and autonomy. It also entails promoting responsive education systems that provide equitable access to quality learning experiences for all pupils, regardless of their background or geographic location, thereby empowering individuals to realise their full potential with dignity and pride.

A critical aspect of my vision is the transformation of the province’s urban landscape, particularly in addressing the prevalence of unlivable informal settlements and hostels. This entails a multi-faceted approach that addresses underlying issues such as poor town planning, apartheid-era spatial inequalities, and insufficient local economic development — all while upholding the dignity and rights of those living in informal settlements, ensuring that they have access to safe, dignified housing and basic services.

In summary, my vision for KwaZulu-Natal is rooted in the principles of care, accountability, and community prosperity, all underpinned by a steadfast commitment to preserving the dignity of every individual. By prioritising the needs and well-being of our citizens, fostering inclusive governance and development, and addressing systemic challenges with compassion and empathy, my vision aims to create a future where every resident can live a life of dignity, opportunity, and fulfilment.

Nonkululeko Hlongwane-Mhlongo is the Rise Mzansi premier candidate in KwaZulu-Natal.

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