Durban - Days after the Newlands East Senior Citizens’ Club voiced their outrage over the poor condition of their sports ground, an official from the eThekwini Municipality met them to discuss the matter.

Jay Chetty, the municipality’s Parks and Recreation Newlands area manager, said he had a cordial meeting on Wednesday with the senior citizens about the Pufaro Road sports grounds.

The club gave Chetty a list of their concerns, which included not having access to toilets and change rooms, the cost of using the facilities, the erection of fencing to prevent the soccer balls from rolling into the stream and the level of the playing field, which had sunk in several places.

Club chairperson Wally Lettman said two women had broken their arms when they tripped on an uneven part of the field.

Chetty advised them to start training earlier so that staff would be on hand to assist them, and the toilet and shower facilities would be open.

Chetty said he would conduct an inspection with his staff to see how best to rehabilitate the grounds. He also gave them advice and contact numbers of management who would be on hand to assist.

“We are grateful that we are heading in the right direction and also appreciate the informative talk from Chetty on several matters. This has given us a morale boost,” Lettman said.

The club, which has 47 members all over the age of 65, are in training for the national Golden Games later this year.

The programme consists of non-athletics events such as the Duck Walk, Pass the Ball, Dress Up and Goal Shooting, while track athletics events include the 100m, 200m and 400m races.

Tozi Mthethwa, the eThekwini Municipality’s spokesperson, said the Parks Department was unaware of the club using the field at Pufaro Park until the Daily News media query.

“We are a caring city. Our goals are to serve and protect the rights of the public,” she said.

Daily News