Supporters of Siam Lee attend court proceedings on Wednesday. Photo: Se-Anne Rall

Durban - Private investigator, Brad Nathanson, has been barred from the bail application proceedings in the Siam Lee murder trial. 

Magistrate Mahommed Motala ruled that Nathanson and his associates not attend proceedings as they are due to be called up as witnesses, should the matter go to trial.

It is alleged that Nathanson apprehended the accused in January.  

According to his defence, Nathanson and his staff entered the accused's house without his permission and tortured the man prior to the arrival of the police. He also allegedly had the accused's cellphone in his possession. 

The man accused of murdering Siam Lee walks down towards the underground cells in the Durban Magistrate's Court. Picture: Se-Anne Rall/Daily News

Nathanson was not in court on Wednesday but his associate, Shane Brits, was told to leave. 

The 29-year-old accused is alleged to have kidnapped Siam Lee from outside her workplace in Durban North on January 4. Her charred body was found a few days later in the KZN Midlands. 

The accused who cannot be named as he is charged with rape, faces a total of 16 charges including murder. 

The bail application continues. 

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