A vervet monkey painted yellow. Picture: Adelle Botes
A vervet monkey painted yellow. Picture: Adelle Botes
A vervet monkey painted red. Picture: Adelle Botes
A vervet monkey painted red. Picture: Adelle Botes
Picture: Adelle Botes
Picture: Adelle Botes

Durban - Monkey Helpline Durban will continue searching for a monkey they believe was sprayed with yellow paint in the Moseley area near Pinetown. 

Adelle Botes, a resident of Moseley, had spotted the monkey in Currie Crescent  next to Roosfontein Nature reserve on Tuesday. Residents were asked to keep a look out for it and by Wednesday had not spotted it. 

Steve Smit, of Monkey Helpline Durban, said they had also spotted two other monkeys, one with yellow paint on both cheeks and the other on the arm, near the nature reserve.  

"I think the monkey was caught in a trap and either spray painted or paint had been poured over it. The other monkeys could have came into contact with the monkey and the paint smeared onto them as well. The monkey is in desperate need of help," Smit said. 

Two days ago an animal activist in Pietermaritzburg handed over a monkey that was painted red to the helpline. Smit said the monkey was spotted outside a home with a leash around its waist. 

"The activist stopped her car in a residential area and took custody of the monkey. He had to stand upright because he had a few cuts and abrasions. He was in good health though," Smit said. 

Two years ago Smit said a monkey was dyed pink by a homeowner in Verulam for Valentines Day. Smit said it can take up to 12 months for the dye or paint to come off  a monkey. 

The Facebook post on the Moseley Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page had some mixed reactions from the public after they were asked to keep an eye out for the yellow monkey. Carrigan Haskins, a Moseley resident, pondered whether the monkey could have fallen in paint or played with the paint.

"I know humans can be sick sure we all know that sadly. But surely a monkey can easily see paint and jump in it or play with it," he said. 

Cuan Botes: I can't believe what humanity has come to! It sickens me!

Cait Louise Hardwich: This type of abuse will not be tolerated in our area , absolutely disgusting. 

Allison Hardwich Whitelaw: A monkey wouldn't play in paint..they aren't so stupid... paint stinks..and that paint is everywhere he did a damn good job of painting himself.. no this is some low life animal abuser who needs to be taught a lesson...

Karrin van Rensburg: This perpetrator needs to be tracked down and punished.

Claire Meintjes: That is just utterly disgusting and devastating. I cannot believe that there are people out there that can do this and have no feelings for this poor animal! I’m in such shock!!!

Allison Hardwich Whitelaw: I cannot believe we are living in an area where there are such cruel monsters that would do this... please let me find the person who did this... ah my goodness my heart is broken for this poor fellow...

Alidas Perry: I hope they paint him flippen pink the idiot.

Tersia Schmidt: This makes me furious. We should find this cruel person and paint them yellow. 

Sandra Streak: Old horrible thing people believed, if you painted a monkey the troop would run and the painted monkey would be go chase to join them and so they would leave the area...how sick can a person be to do this! Look at where we live! They belong here. It was refuse collection day down here in the valley, looks like someone thought they were bloody clever. 

Celeste Snodgrass: Maybe someone didn't paint him and he just fell in paint as you know they get into anything and maybe he fiddled with something he should not have and the paint fell on him or he fell into it.

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