Durban - Prospective voters who could not register this weekend for next year’s elections still have plenty of time to do so, said Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) spokesperson Thabani Ngwira.

The IEC was compelled by a court order to allocate this weekend as a special period for voters to register their names and verify if their residential addresses were correct.

“We had to correct people’s addresses in order to meet the court requirements,” he said.

The Constitutional Court two years ago ordered the IEC to make sure that voters’ residential addresses are registered in their voting areas to avoid corruption during elections.

Ngwira said the exact numbers of people who visited stations would only be available after a week, and only preliminary numbers were available.

“Our preliminary figures in the province show that about 463 000 registered and eligible voters visited our voting stations.

“However this cannot be confirmed as a definite figure as our local offices are still busy uploading scanners on the system and reconciling a concise voter turnout figure.

“This information will only be available once these processes have been completed.”

Ngwira said the registrations were still open as people could still visit IEC offices closed to them “as this is an ongoing process”.

“You don’t particularly have to go to a polling station as you can also go to our online system to check,” he said.

Political heavyweights such as former president Jacob Zuma, IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi and NFP leader Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi visited a number of areas in the province encouraging people to register and verify their details.

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