An investigation has been launched after a carrier vessel slammed into a tugboat at Durban's port on Friday. Picture: ANA

Durban - An investigation has been launched by the Transnet National Ports Authority into a collision between a car carrier vessel and a tugboat.

In a video that was posted on Facebook, it shows the CSCC ASIA, operated by Hoegh Autoliners, approach the tugboat Inyalazi.

As the vessel moves closer, port workers start shouting trying to get the vessel to stop but to no avail as the vessel hits the boat which was at the R-shed at the Point precinct. After colliding with the boat, the vessel slowly pulls away from the tugboat.


Nokuzola Nkowane, acting Durban port manager, said an investigation was being conducted into the circumstances around the incident.

“No injuries were reported as there were no employees on board the tug Inyalazi. Damage occurred to the quayside and the tug sustained a hole on its side which has resulted in an ingress of water into the tug. Tug Umbilo was deployed to the site with a salvage pump to remove the water from Inyalazi,” Nkowane said.

Divers and marine crew from port of Durban were on site to assess the extent of damage that happened to the vessel and to prevent more water entering the tug.

She said SAMSA also came to do an assessment on the damage to both vessels.

“Port operations were not been affected. The car carrier vessel was able to commence operation and the tug Inyalazi will be moved to the dry dock for repairs,” she said.

She said the vessel was out of commission when the incident happened.

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