5 times Nota went viral for saying the most outrageous things

Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi. Picture: File

Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi. Picture: File

Published Dec 14, 2022


Artist manager and controversial Twitter bug, Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi is one of the most sensational tweeps who love to stir up a conversation, even if he is the most uninvited guest in the room.

While Mzansi is no stranger to his nicks and tricks, we take a look into five of the most outrageous things he said that made him go viral in 2022.

“I’m finishing 2022 off strong”

Among themis his attack on the Grammy Award winning DJ Black Coffee and his son. In November, Nota took to Twitter to lay down threats (which he says is not threats) to the famous DJ, who single-handedly called him out for his ratchet behaviour.

Nota made a short video where he accused Black Coffee of taking credit for owning Gallo Records and called him a “fraud”.

He captioned the video: “Your idol @RealBlackCoffee has been warned… It’s on sight when I see him. He’ll need to run off to Austria with Stogie T when I’m done with him.

“I’m finishing 2022 off strong by settling all my beefs once & for all. The police know where to find me, ARREST ME DAWG, NGIDUBULE KE!“

He continued with:“The timing is… I’m gonna find him and if I get tired before I find him, I’ll find his son, that first born one.

“That’s not a threat of violence, don’t worry, I know how to deal with people non-violently, but make it hurt, painfully.”

A Baby is bad for business“

In October, Nota’s opinion landed him in hot water on Twitter after he lashed out at his estranged wife, Berita, claiming she is still upset at him for not getting her pregnant.

He took to Twitter and posted: “If I wanted to kill my wife’s career I would’ve got her pregnant … She watched all the IT girls getting pregnant in lockdown & is still upset at me for not knocking her up.“No promoter would book a mother? Promoters need to believe they stand a chance, a baby is bad for business!”

Oh gosh! Tweeps had a field day, dragging him for his off-side comment. Even moms came out in their numbers to reprimand Nota.

Nota to police officer: “I don’t need to work. I’m not like you, I finished matric. You are a fool.”

In October, Nota made waves for confronting a female police officer on the side of a road while making an Instagram Live video.

In the viral clip, which circulated on social media, Nota holds his phone up as he films the video and aggressively confronts several police officers.

After a heated altercation with the officers, Nota becomes hostile when an officer smacks his phone.

“What are you doing with my phone?” he shouts in Zulu before threatening to hit her.

Another officer called him “bipolar”, and he responds with: “Don’t say I have bipolar. You’re going to lose your job. You work for the government. I don’t work. I don’t need to work. I’m not like you. I finished matric. You are a fool.”

When the officer fires back that he does have a matric certificate, Nota rebelled with: “But why are you wearing a badge for minimum wage? You can’t stop me. I’m standing on the road. I’m doing what I want. You can’t touch me. I’m showing you that you can’t do your job.”

Nota says he can “buy” Mihlali

In August, Nota made news when he claimed Mihlali Ndamase can be bought

The Twitter troll said during a podcast interview that he was baffled by people who find Ndamase attractive because he could “buy her”.

He said: “There are some guys who think that Mihlali is attractive, and all I think is ningamuthenga (I could buy her),” he said. “They don’t understand that if Mihlali is for sale, that means she’s an object. Which means you can kill her if you want to. It’s like buying a dog. You can put it down.”

Nota said Benny McCarthy owes his success to “not marrying a black woman”

Also in August, Baloyi took to Twitter to attempt to twist the announcement of soccer coach Benny McCarthy's appointment to the “Manchester United” coaching staff and use it as yet another attack on black women.

He said: “If he married a black woman, he wouldn’t have gotten this far in life.

“A black woman doesn’t want a successful black husband because she thinks all black men are fools willing to abandon their family for tight p****. Black women are so busy being victims they’re a burden to society!”