Cyan Boujee announces tour dates as sex tape buzz propels public interest

Cyan Boujee. Picture: Instagram/@cyan.boujee22

Cyan Boujee. Picture: Instagram/@cyan.boujee22

Published Aug 17, 2023


You have to give it to her. Cyan Boujee sure knows how to make the most of a sticky situation.

The 22-year-old DJ and social media influencer has been milking her sex tape scandal for all it’s worth as public interest around her continues to grow.

In the week since a short, explicit video showing her engaged in sexual intercourse with a man she claims is the multi-platinum selling dance music star Prince Kaybee, Cyan has become a household name.

And she isn’t running away from the drama. Instead, she’s been embracing it through quirky social media posts and comments.

Now, she’s shared a gig guide that sees her playing over a dozen shows over the next few weeks.

“Ngisese busy, ngizohleka ngasekdala (I’m still busy, I’ll laugh later),” she posted on Instagram.

Earlier in the week, Cyan doubled down on her Prince Kaybee accusation in a chat with MacG and Sol Phenduka.

After claiming that she was 19 when the sex tape was recorded, she added, “I just feel like this was definitely planned.”

“The n***** definitely had an intention, because I feel like if it was a mistake he could’ve responded to my texts as he usually does, you know. I have no words, guys… This happened two years ago and it was with Prince Kaybee. Definitely, 100%.”

She went on to explain that Kaybee was the first celebrity that she ever got to be with and that he’d demanded a video and she thought it was the right thing to do because she wasn’t a brand yet.

“At that time he was a big deal to me and I’m just a young girl who’s an influencer,” she said.

On the other hand, the ‘Fetch Your Life’ hitmaker has declined to comment publicly on Cyan’s accusations and instead recently released a remix to Mas Musiq and Daliwonga’s huge amapiano hit single, ‘Gangnam Style’.