Inside Nasty C’s album promo shoot: ‘One thing I’m really anxious about is seeing people’s reaction’

Nasty C. Picture: Instagram

Nasty C. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 22, 2023


Fans and industry supporters of Nasty C have been pleading with the rapper for a new album for several months.

Now, after teasing us with studio content and images with a host of global stars, the 26-year-old is finally ready to roll out his new album.

The roll out is set to commence with the release of his new single, “Better Than This”, alongside Tellaman and Manana on Friday.

Ahead of its release, the “Hell Naw” star shared a reel of a recent photoshoot for the album on his Instagram page.

“NEW ALBUM press-kit shoot! 🎥: @spha_psp,” he shared.

During the shoot Nasty rocked several looks by G-Star, as well as other looks from brands like Jonathan D.

“I wish brands like Ambush, Ami, Margiela would be like, ‘Keep this’,” he says at one point in the video. “It’s gonna get there though, one day. I think right now to them I’m still a small boy, but it’s alright.”

The Def Jam star then previews some unreleased music from the upcoming project.

During the video he also shares that the content being shot will be used for Billboards and playlist covers on Digital Streaming Platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

“This is Nasty C and it’s officially a wrap for all the album stuff — so, like, the visualizers and the still images. It's a wrap until we go to another country and do it all again, which is Japan, very soon. It’s a wrap, for now.”

He also added that he’s anxious about seeing how fans react to the project. “The one thing that I’m really anxious and nervous about, is seeing people’s reaction to the album. I hope it really connects and makes sense to them, you know.”

“With this album I’m not tryna chase no sound, I’m not tryna f****n please no certain crowd or hype train or whatever. I’m really just speaking from my heart, and I hope that’s where it lands.”