Katlego Danke cool as a cucumber on Metro FM amid rumours of an alleged affair with Patrice Motsepe

Katlego Danke. Picture: Instagram

Katlego Danke. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 10, 2023


“Gomora” actress Katlego Danke has been the talk of the town after social media users bashed her for allegedly having an affair with mining billionaire businessman, Patrice Motsepe.

Tweeps claimed that the Safta award-winning actress’s son was Motsepe’s child, but Motsepe has denied these claims via his attorneys.

Danke on the other hand seems to have taken the rumours with a pinch of salt and is carrying on with her life as usual.

The former “Generations” star appeared on “Wake Up With Metro FM” this morning where she spoke to the show’s presenter Khutso Theledi about her acting career and everything in between.

The two time Covid-19 survivor, Danke, who is nominated for Best Lead Actress at this year’s Royalty Soapie Awards will be attending the event tomorrow.

“It’s been an incredible three years, we’ve been through a lot, never mind as a country or as ourselves, but just as the world, we’ve been through a lot.

“So getting to 2023, for most of us is just something we couldn’t have figured out two years ago... so to be here is a blessing,” she said.

Acknowledging her nomination she said: “When we work, we work in such a closed space.

“We don’t have access to the immediate reaction from the audience, it takes a while for people to actually see the work, appreciate it, then you’re like, ‘Oh okay, they actually like what I did’.

“So for the acknowledgement to now come from the industry is so humbling, and you sit there and say, ‘Wow, okay, so I didn’t push for nothing’.”

Theledi asked her how her township roots helped her play Thati in “Gomora“, Danke said: ”Thati is so hardcore, she is so different to me in a lot of ways.

“I think where we are they same is were she is outspoken, she doesn’t take nonsense and family is important to her, but where we are different is how she is so rude, disrespectful, in everybody’s face, ready for a fight, anytime is tea-time, so that’s where we are very very different.“

On how she keeps relevant in an industry that’s ever-evolving, she said it was important to remain authentic.

“Stay true to yourself. When people are trying to be relevant, that’s when things go wrong, so the more authentic you are, the more you are just doing what you’ve been called to do, your destiny and your path on earth, I think that’s when things go into alignment and people resonate with that,” she said.

The ever-so private Danke also spoke about why privacy was so important to her, saying: “You give of yourself to your profession, there is an essence that’s you, you give to your family and your private space...that is holy, we have to guard it with everything you have.

“Once you allow that to get out into the public space, it cheapens it. It’s not so special for your child. I also can’t open my private space to people who haven’t signed up for my public life.”

The mother who says balancing parenting and a career is demanding and very challenging parted with these final words, “As much as possible I try not to go on social media. I’ve got a team that goes into that space, so they will tell me what’s happening...

“If it is nothing I need to get myself into emotionally, physically, mentally, psychologically, then I shut it out.

“If I am allowing all this stuff to weigh me down, so get into my psyche, to make me question who I am....then were do I end up?”

Alluding to the current accusations, assumptions and misconceptions that have been levelled against her on social media this week, Danke said: “For me, right off the bat, I’m a very simple person, very easy, I’m not complicated you know. I think that’s what I need to remind people.

“I am also just human. People make mistakes, you’re just human, having a human existence, doing the best you can.

“So when there is onslaught, people just need to remember that on the other end is a human being... So what ever it is that you’re saying, it’s landing, it’s landing somewhere, if they get to read it or see it.

“So lets have that humanity amongst ourselves...and at the back of our minds constantly.”