Msaki asks for understanding as she leaves the spotlight: ‘We are just people’

Msaki. Picture: Instagram

Msaki. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 24, 2023


Award-winning Afro-pop musician Asanda “Msaki” Mvana has been hinting at taking a break from the limelight since last year following a tabloid report that alleged she was at the centre of the collapse of radio personality Smash Afrika’s marriage.

The singer has now penned a farewell note to fans as she officially takes a break from performing and being in the spotlight.

“Please also understand why I have to leave this space. Please release me. I may seem weak because I let this get to me. But I am sensitive, and sentimental, an empath (this is my most valuable creativity tool), my skiing is not thick …

“It is porous so I feel the changes in the breeze. I’m moved quickly and deeply and I understand this may be abnormal. I don’t expect everyone to understand, but I know some of you get it,” wrote Msaki.

“Sunday World” had reported that the 5FM radio presenter’s wife Kefiloe Mdutyulwa, the daughter of actress Rami Chuene had found a love letter from the musician to her husband and had allegedly seen a picture of him giving Msaki a kiss.

After the report Msaki trended online and found herself being hurled with “homewrecker” comments online and despite her denying the rumour she still found herself being labelled and receiving backlash.

Msaki also opened up about how deeply the incident had hurt her in an interview on “Podcast and Chill with MacG”.

She opened up about her struggles with all that comes with being a celebrity and in her note urged the public to not “push people to the edge and only have empathy after they become a static”.

“Be kind to my colleagues, we are just people. We need more gentleness and grace for each other. Please can we change,” Msaki wrote.

The multi-award winning musician also reiterated that she would be honouring her final gigs, such as opening for Gregory Porter and being at the National Arts Festival.