Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena is in her creative era but she hasn’t forgotten about the music

The name Moozlie has been associated with presenting, music, creativity and fashion. Picture: Supplied

The name Moozlie has been associated with presenting, music, creativity and fashion. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 15, 2023


It’s been 11 years since Nomuzi Mabena won the MTV VJ Search. Since then, she’s become a household name in showbiz.

The name Moozlie has been associated with presenting, music, creativity and fashion and now as she continues to elevate brand Moozlie, she has inked a partnership with fashion retailer Factorie.

Moozlie’s relationship with Factorie all began on social media through her fashion content, where she played around with styling different outfits and now she has a full on campaign with her face in stores - a first in the country.

“It’s something I’m really excited about,” explained Moozlie, especially as a fan of the brand.

A known fashion lover, the 31-year-old is at a place where she is comfortable with her style, which is effortlessly extra.

Her drip, as the cool kids say, is as “obnoxious” as they come with everything being over the top.

One wouldn't be surprised if Moozlie was paving the way for a business venture. “I’ve built my brand to the place where I can’t just put my name on a T-shirt and call it a brand.”

For the past few years, Moozlie has been working with South African brands such as Drip Footwear and Era by DJ Zinhle in her creative capacity, expanding her wings beyond presenting and music and learning what it takes to build a brand.

Nomuzi Mabena is the face of Factorie’s new summer campaign. Picture: Supplied

Moozlie admits that during the Covid pandemic she realised that she needed a way to still make an impact, have a voice in the space, and of course make money outside of gigs and performances.

The seed planted during Covid has fermented into her forming creative internships with local brands which birthed her position as the creative director of DJ Zinhle’s jewellery and accessories brand.

Her creative moment is proving to be fruitful and the moving parts are all a part of a bigger plan of brand Moozlie.

She may have her creative hat on but this doesn't mean Moozlie has forgotten about her mic - and we mean the recording mic and not the MC one.

While she hasn’t released any new music this year, Moozlie reminded her fans that she’s still got it when in July, she freestyled over amapiano banger ‘Bhebhe’ by ShaunMusiq & Ftears and Xduppy.

“I’m taking this whole Factorie cheque and recording an album, that is what’s happening, that’s definitely the plan,” confirmed the artist and reveals she is putting together a writing camp with all her favourite producers and writers.

Nomuzi Mabena at the celebration of her partnership with with Factorie, at restaurant and listening bar Artistry in Sandton, Johannesburg. Picture: Supplied

She hints that new music could be coming as early as the start of the new year, and while she is figuring everything out one day at a time, Moozlie is a place where she is comfortable and without anything to prove.

Having worked with her ex-boyfriend Sbuda Roc for five years as her executive producer, Moozlie is stepping into her own, figuring out and understanding the music business.

“This is why I took this year out to secure the brand, make sure I understand the business of my own brand. The music business is completely different and hectic and I wanted to take my time before jumping back in.”

As the festive season approaches, Moozlie’s fans can certainly expect to see her out at any of the major festivals, hosting and performing at all the big cultural events.