Shots fired! Mohale takes a jab at Somizi who’s still ‘living the dream’

Somizi Mhlongo in 'Living the Dream With Somizi' season 5. Picture: Supplied

Somizi Mhlongo in 'Living the Dream With Somizi' season 5. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 6, 2023


Three years ago, you wouldn’t have guessed that the once lovebirds would one day be enemies.

When their relationship was at its peak, Somizi Mhlongo and his ex-husband Mohale Motaung were untouchable.

They were known as the “it couple” who looked like they had it all. Little did we know what was happening behind closed doors.

1Magic TV excitedly announced the return of “Living The Dream With Somizi”. In the past, people were excited to watch the show, but not this time around.

“The tea is about to be served hot ☕️ with an all new season of #LivingTheDreamWithSomizi where he changes the narrative and gives South Africans his side of the story,” tweeted @1MagicTV.

Motaung replied with a video meme: “Oh Lord, again? F* again. Nothing new, nothing changed, same old sh*t,” with the caption, “Imagine how tired we are”.

— Mohale Motaung (@mohale_motaung) June 6, 2023

The people are as tired as Motaung and didn’t mince their words.

“We saw Somizi's side of the story in the last season. What now? We even forgot that Mohale was married to this man,” said @Zettie909.

Another Twitter user @MphoJane8 said: “ For the 100th time now? I love som som, but surely there’s more to his life than that divorce.”

On a serious note though, Mhlongo has to let the Motaung saga rest now. He’s capitalised on it so much. Or maybe there isn’t any drama happening in his life, and this is the only thing he can offer?

He must stop recycling content and give the people something new. If not, he might as well give the reality show a break and accept that since Motaung is out of his life, it’s only fair he keeps him out of his mouth.

Below are more reactions from people who want nothing to do with the reality show.

— Unfiltered (@Khanyisa_MAD) June 6, 2023