Simphiwe Ngema admits to visiting Thabo Bester in prison to ‘demand answers’

Simphiwe Ngema. Picture: Instagram

Simphiwe Ngema. Picture: Instagram

Published May 3, 2023


Local actress Simphiwe Ngema explained why she visited notorious criminal Thabo Bester in prison, in a since-deleted statement on social media.

Ngema’s statement comes after News24 journalist Karyn Maughan revealed that a celebrity’s name popped in the prison’s records of Bester’s visitors.

“What’s been fascinating is, because we have the prison records, we have been phoning a number of people who visited him and a number of people he listed as contacts including a very well-known celebrity who you and I will both know, we’ve seen her on the TV screen,” said Maughan during a television interview.

“And what is fascinating to me is that he seems to have done this thing where he said my name is Tom Motsepe and I am a relative of the Motsepe family but I am in prison under a fake name because my family… you know… it is a whole political thing, people can’t know who I am,” said Maughan.

Twitter account Advo Barry Roux tweeted that Ngema’s name had appeared on prison records, which triggered speculation as to why she visited him.

Ngema, in her statement, admitted to having visited Bester in 2018, in prison. They made contact after he introduced himself to her and others as TK Motsepe, who worked in the entertainment industry.

Ngema visited him in prison to demand answers as she was owed money by Bester. She denied being the person who visited him regularly or being the last person to see him before his brazen escape.

“He seemed well connected and was able to organise meetings and big events which I and many other public figures were booked for. Till this day I was never paid for some of the events that I was booked for by 21st century,” read the statement.