Tyla praised for proudly-South African accent during first international TV interview

South African rising pop star Tyla had her first TV talk show interview in Swedan. Picture: Instagram/biancatalkshow

South African rising pop star Tyla had her first TV talk show interview in Swedan. Picture: Instagram/biancatalkshow

Published Oct 10, 2023


South African pop star Tyla is having her superstar moment taking over the world with her chart topping music.

Her single ‘Water’ is dominating the airwaves - she recently became the first South African artist to clock 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

And now, the 21-year-old has had her first TV talk show interview and it’s an international one. On Sunday, she appeared on Swedish talk show ‘Bianca’ hosted by influencer and singer Bianca Ingrosso.

She has clinched international fame with moments that have cemented her place as a rising popiano star, from sitting next to Kim Kardashian to being the opening act on Chris Brown’s tour.

Ingrosso asked Tyla about her experience sitting front row at the D&G Spring/Summer 2023 show, and next to the famous Kardashian reality TV star and businesswoman.


My first official TV interview and performance 🐾 on theBiancatalk show

♬ Water - Tyla

The Johannesburg-born musician in the clip shared on both her and the show’s TikTok pages, can be heard talking about the crazy moment: "Yoh, guys, don't even ask me that. I'm still shocked that I was literally right next to her, it was crazy.”

Tyla explained that Kardashian introduced herself to her and she had to play it cool and couldn't really sit in her laminated leather dress, which is the same dress Lady Gaga wore in 2009 for her hit single ‘Paparazzi’ cover.

The comments section was filled with many South Africans who recognised her “Yoh guys”.

Her local South African vibe couldn't be missed by her supporters who praised her for her authenticity.

Quen.ell wrote: “I honestly love tyla for her South African accent😍”

Gillzz said: “As a South African myself I appreciate her staying true to that South African accent ❤️”

Tyla and Ingrosso during in the interview also spoke about the success of ‘Water’ and how she has always been determined to become a pop star.

She also explained how ‘Water’ - which she dubs ‘the song of the summer’ - is about her telling a guy to stop the talk and show her what he has to offer.

Tyla also shared her dream of being an inspiration to young African children by accomplishing her dreams of being a pop star and working with top artists such as Drake and Rihanna.