Uncle Waffles denies buying 1 million rand watch: ‘I was invited to simply tour the place’

Published Jun 19, 2023


Over the weekend, popular American celebrity jeweller Ice Box shared a video of local amapiano star Uncle Waffles visiting one of their stores and shopping around for a new Rolex.

“Make sure you come to get your ice, the same way I’m coming to get my ice here at Ice Box. Alright? icebox.com,” she said during a promotional video shared on Instagram.

“Watch the full @unclewaffles_ episode on our YouTube now,” shared the jeweller on its Instagram page. “Link in our story!”

The South African rap star was the most recent local star to visit the jeweller.

During the full episode, which is available on YouTube, Waffles is spotted on a tour of the store. During the tour, an Ice Box rep explains that the jeweller is actually a factory that designs and creates its own diamond pieces in the store.

At one point towards the end of the episode, Waffles points out a pink diamond encrusted Rolex.

“This is the one that I want,” she exclaims. The sales rep then wraps the watch around her wrist, to which she responds, excitedly, “It’s so hard.”

Waffles was then shown some custom “Uncle Waffles” pendant fonts and gifted a personalised leather jewellery box, among other surprises not shown in frame.

“This is so beautiful, thank you,” she says.

As this episode started to circulate on social media, a popular urban culture Instagram blog shared a snippet of Waffles trying on the Rolex and captioned it, “Uncle Waffles buys R1 million Rolex from Ice Box.”

The post, which has since been deleted, quickly drew some negative comments online.

Waffles then took to her Instagram Stories to clarify that she had only been there for a tour, suggesting that she hadn’t actually bought the watch.

“I appreciate the love on this I was invited simply just to tour the place. Only ❤️.”