WATCH: Berita on MacG’s ‘Podcast and Chill’: ‘I’m not tryna meet people, I’m working’

Berita. Picture: Instagram

Berita. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 12, 2023


Berita’s fans are praising her over her recent interview with MacG and Sol Phenduka on “Podcast and Chill”, saying it was honest, unselfish and inspirational.

The South African Music Awards (SAMAs) winning singer, whose real name is Gugulethu Khumalo, chatted to podcast host and co-host, MacG and Phenduka, respectively, about a variety of topics, which included her ex-husband, Nota Baloyi and their divorce, going for therapy and her new single “Peace of Mind”.

She also gave a performance in studio, which fans referred to as “possibly the best ever on ‘Podcast and Chill’.”

“She spoke her truth, it’s a good thing the Authority was not disrespected, what she said we all, already knew,” commented @iamsir_sibeko.

“What an interview! Your level of honesty, calmness, strength, unselfishness... inspirational🙏and the performance of #PeaceOfMind👌🔥,” wrote @qmpumelelomusical.

While speaking on the podcast about Baloyi she said: “I actually didn’t date for a year and three months before meeting my ex-husband...and when I met him he reminded me of my dad. He had this aura that reminded me of my father.

“And it’s true when they say you marry a man that like reminds you of your dad.”

She revealed how quickly she fell for him as a person but how she couldn’t recognise who he had become over the past two years.

“There was a heart in him that I saw...You must understand...There is a different person in him that has emerged the last two years...

“And that person I honestly didn’t know. When we first met, we were both working on ourselves, but we were both like passionate about the same things. I think that’s what drew me to him,” said Berita.

Since exploring life as a singleton, the “Peace of Mind” hitmaker said the only problem she’s facing is that people who “want” her are already in relationships.

“Let me tell you what I had to get over, when I first became single, oh my Goodness, I’m going to get into a lot of trouble... when you become single, there are people that want you that are already in relationships, that’s the problem...I had to just draw a line for myself.”

Asked by MacG if people were sliding into her DMs she said: “My DMs are quiet. No, I’m very traditional. I’m not tryna meet people.

“I’m working, I’m in the studio, I am rehearsing, I am putting on shows, I’ve got music coming out, like, I’m not trying to do that right now.”

Watch the full interview below.