WATCH: MacG and Sol Phenduka give shout out to IOL and Dr Iqbal Survé

MacG and Sol Phenduka. Picture: YouTube Screenshot

MacG and Sol Phenduka. Picture: YouTube Screenshot

Published Aug 29, 2023


During a segment of MacG’s episode of ‘Podcast and Chill’ from Monday, MacG and Sol Phenduka gave a shout out to IOL for featuring the podcast in an article about Sekunjalo Chairman Dr Iqbal Survé’s recent interview.

“Shout out to IOL, man. First good publicity we’ve gotten in three years,” said MacG in response to the podcast’s fact checker of IOL’s reporting on the recent saga around Katlego Maboe.

As the entire set on the popular podcast clapped, Phenduka added, “Yeah shout out to IOL. Yo, IOL, shout out. Shout out to Dr Iqbal.”

MacG also went on to celebrate being described as “charismatic” on the platform.

Last week, during his ‘Podcast and Chill’ episode, Dr Iqbal Survé drew laughs and cracked jokes with the pair as they discussed a host of different topics — some serious, others light-hearted.

The renowned businessman also spoke on how he’s actually a fun-loving guy and how his image has been tainted by various negative portrayals on several media platforms over the years.

“If you look at a photograph of me in other media houses you will see a guy that is very serious,” he shared. “I’m a fun-loving guy. I love people, I’m a people’s person at the end of the day.”

He went on to add how the negative publicity began a decade ago when he first tried to buy Independent Media Group from its former owners.

“Until 2013, we did everything right. We won more awards than any other company.”

“We’re the only black group that listed three companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, even up to today. Suddenly, we say let’s buy the media to tell the story of Africans, our communities, where we come from.”

He went on to share how it was his daughter who had first pointed out to him that the newspapers don’t reflect the diversity of the country and that when he started the journey by attempting to buy the Cape Times, he was met with immediate resistance. “They told me to f-off.”