WATCH: Minnie Dlamini makes it crystal clear that she’s not looking for love

Minnie Dlamini. Picture: Instagram

Minnie Dlamini. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 4, 2023


The thing with celebrities is that you never know what gossip you hear about them is true. And fans spend a chunk of the time believing the rumour until the celebrity in question sets the record straight.

This was the case with Minnie Dlamini, who recently sat down with popular presenter and now “What A Week (WAW)” podcast host, DJ Fresh.

It’s been a minute since Dlamini got back into the spotlight following her separation from Quinton Jones, and the rumour mill is still working over-time on that one.

But while on the podcast Dlamini and Fresh chatted about her new acting career and cleared up some old gossip which involved Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper, Itumeleng Khune, whom she dated before marrying Jones.

It’s been eight years since Dlamini acted, and her return with a role in a new local movie called "The Honeymoon“ piqued curiosity about her absence.

Let’s just say she’s got a long way to go before calling herself a professional in this area of expertise.

Funnily enough, she spoke to Fresh about how she possibly flopped a movie audition earlier that day.

“I think it’s a romcom, it’s about a girl who is single in her 30s ... My audition didn’t go well, though,” she said before bursting into laughter.

When Fresh asked where she “mess it up”, she replied: “I don’t know, Fresh. I just think I’m really tired. I think I’ve had quite a bit of a week and I don’t think I was able to just be fully present in that audition ...

“I just told them to watch the movie (’The Honeymoon’).”

Fresh questioned her on her choice of roles, to which she said: “I absolutely love it, in the film (’The Honeymoon’) I play a married woman with two kids ... which is complete far-fetched from my life, and now I’m playing someone single, which I am, and looking for love, which I am not, so it’s pretty cool.”

Delving into the conversation about marriage, she explained how she is finding herself “again”.

“I was 26 when I got married ... You don’t really know yourself. I think for me I misconstrued having success early in my life and having acquired certain type of assets to think ‘okay cool, now the next step is marriage’.

“Instead of actually realising that I might not have reached the maturity level in my psyche that I might have needed to have gone through.

“Now I am 32 turning 33 and I’m actually starting to rediscover who Minnie is alone, and it’s a very interesting journey. It’s not lonely, but it is difficult realising in spaces and places I probably shouldn’t have been in,” she said.

Clearing up a more than a decade old rumour where it was said that she dated Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper, Itumeleng Khune, and he paid R1 million lobola for her hand in marriage, Dlamini said: “The worst misconception is that Khune lobola-ed me, that’s the worst one. I hate it. I hate it. People still think it’s true.”

Watch the full podcast below.