WATCH: Nota claims he knew Sim Dope long before AKA on DJ Sbu’s podcast

Nota Baloyi. Picture: Instagram

Nota Baloyi. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 22, 2023


Artist manager and controversial Twitter user, Nota took to DJ Sbu’s podcast, “The Hustle Corner” to state his case about recklessly naming suspects he thinks had a hand in rapper AKA’s murder.

The “Company” hitmaker was shot and killed earlier this month outside Wish, a restaurant in Florida Road, Durban.

A lot of people are angry at Nota for calling out suspects on social media with no proof.

To this he said: “This is a very tragic situation, it’s a very sad situation. The first thing I need to tell fans of AKA, the Megacy, is that we need to let go and let God.

“What you were seeing from me is the exact example of a friend who is going through grief and trauma, and finding it hard to accept the finality of a loss of life. I will never ever speak to Kiernan again. I will never hear his voice again.

“Kiernan to me is not just another guy. Kiernan is another me, he’s my mirror, he’s my measuring stick.”

He went on to say that AKA was left vulnerable in Durban and gave a long explanation as to why he felt the need to be a social media detective, along with thousands of other social media users.

Further along in the interview he spoke of Sim Dope, who was AKA’s best friend at St John’s College, and who AKA wrote a song about.

Nota claimed that he knew Sim Dope before AKA and shared the story of how Sim Dope got a scar on his face.

“Sim Dope got that scar in primary school while climbing a tree with me. I was climbing a tree with him and he climbed higher than me and he fell. At Radford house, a boutique primary school.

“Before Kiernan ever met Sim Dope, I was in primary school with Sim Dope. He went to get his stitches and after the second break, he was back in school. That’s Sim Dope.” Nota said.

Watch the full podcast below.