WATCH: Oscar Mbo addresses it all - from missed gigs and those fake designer clothes

South African record producer and podcaster Oscar Mbo. Picture: Instagram/oscarmbo

South African record producer and podcaster Oscar Mbo. Picture: Instagram/oscarmbo

Published Dec 3, 2023


DJ and music producer Oscar Mbo was the latest celebrity guest on ‘Podcast and Chill with MacG’ and in his interview, he cleared up a lot that has been spread about him online.

Mbo has become one of the most popular DJs in the country since his song ‘Asambeni’ blew up and made him a mainstream name.

Not only is he known for being great on the decks but for his swag, looks and social media content.

But he’s also trended for the wrong reasons such as missing out on his bookings and wearing fake designer labels.

However, the popular DJ explained that there is a lot that happens for him to miss a gig and it’s not always the one-sided story that is pushed.

The DJ has previously been blasted on social media for failing to show up for paid gigs.

Mbo explained to hosts Mac G and Sol Phenduka that in some instances the logistics around making a booking do not work in their favour and promoters at times don’t meet artists halfway.

This ends with the artist having a bad reputation, yet the promoter was not willing to work alongside them when it comes to the logistics.

“I’ve never missed out on a show unless there was promoter, client problem like these admin issues or when I was in hospital, I’ve never missed.”

Mbo’s fans are always swooning over his style game and forever serving looks but there was once a time where he was trolled for wearing fake designer outfits.

The artist revealed that he doesn't know where people got the notion he wears fake designer clothes, but he does admit that the “younger” him did once wear fake labels but was unaware because he bought it from someone he trusted, and learnt from the incident.