WATCH: YouTuber Penuel The Black Pen ‘disappointed’ in Pearl Thusi

YouTuber Penuel The Black Pen. Picture: Instagram

YouTuber Penuel The Black Pen. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 17, 2023


YouTuber and podcast host Penuel The Black Pen was not impressed by a recent video made by actress Pearl Thusi and took to social media to share his disappointment of “celebrity culture is SA”.

In the now-deleted-video that Thusi posted on Instagram to her 4.8 million Instagram followers, she urged rapper Cassper Nyovest to set up a celebrity boxing match between Kaya 959 host Sizwe Dhlomo and entrepreneur, author and professional speaker Vusi Thembekwayo who have recently been beefing on Twitter.

She said: “Cassper (Nyovest), don’t sleep on this Sizwe Dhlomo and Vusi Thembekwayo beef. We wanna have a fight... I heard Sizwe can fight... I heard Sizwe knocks bouncers out...

“Please make it happen, please man, come on ...let’s make money, stop tweeting ... it’s boring, make it exciting.”

Responding to this @GodPenuel tweeted: “Disappointed by Pearl Thusi asking Cassper Nyovest to get Vusi Thembekwayo & Sizwe Dhlomo to fight 💔.

“We need to fix the mindset of South Africans... even if it was meant as a joke, this isn't how we'll build a better nation.“

In the video accompanying the post he said: “Disappointed but not surprised at Pearl Thusi making a video on social media saying that Cassper Nyovest should organise a fight between Sizwe and Vusi.

“The calibre of thinking and mindset of some of our celebrities in South Africa is quite disappointing and I think a lot of them have fallen into this trap of what’s trending on social media, chasing clout, wanting to be relevant...

“It would be so much more dope if Vusi Thembekwayo and Sizwe Dhlomo to collaborate on a business to make money.

“Collaborate on a seminar where they educate us on how to make money, on how to move in business, travelling abroad... instead we want to see them beating each other up for entertainment and for laughs.

“Speaks volumes about the calibre of mindsets we have that influence South Africans.

“Something needs to change man, so I am disappointed, not really surprised, but disappointed. I hope our celebrities can do better. We have to do better, we have to, please.”