Women's Month: Actress Gaisang Noge encourages young women to ‘be fearless, brave and to dream’

Actress Gaisang Noge stars in 1Magic’s newest drama series ‘How to Manifest a Man,’ adding to her impressive CV. Picture: Supplied

Actress Gaisang Noge stars in 1Magic’s newest drama series ‘How to Manifest a Man,’ adding to her impressive CV. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 23, 2023


It’s always refreshing to see someone burst into the cut-throat industry and go from one role to the next, with each one being bigger than the last.

And that’s exactly what actress Gaisang Keaikitse Noge has been fortunate to do. Last year she dominated screens with three top roles - Mampho in ‘House of Zwide’, Naledi in ‘The Wife’ and a role in the movie ‘Thando’.

The actress explained to IOL Entertainment that she credits her success to her faith, where she comes from and her family.

“I credit my success to the belief that I have in myself, the privilege that I have to dream. The goals that I have for myself. At every given moment I show gratitude and realise how privileged I am to be able to do what I love daily.

“I credit my success to hard work to the determination to the ability to learn and ask questions, being teachable in my path”.

As a thespian, Noge says she is always dreaming of what's next for herself, especially since the sky is not the limit.

“There is no such thing as a small stage. A stage is a stage. Whether it’s a small or big production, we don't measure that. We honour where we are and serve it completely and wholeheartedly.”

Her hunger to learn and thirst to take on different characters and her love of understanding humans is one of Noge’s biggest motivations.

Actress Gaisang Noge stars in 1Magic’s newest drama series ‘How to Manifest a Man’. Picture: Supplied

This year, Noge has landed the role of Ntombi Ndlovu in 1Magic’s newest drama series ‘How to Manifest a Man’. Her latest character is a fighter and willing to do whatever it takes to win her love.

“I would say Ntombi has created a sense of stillness, a sense of calm in me because she exists in her full feminine. Ntombi is very ladylike, very street smart, she is very relatable and she will fight for her man and it’s tricky because her man is married.

“So that's very challenging but it's also very exciting. It's like I have to tap into that and realise that love is love.”

Shooting multiple roles at the same time is never easy and it takes a lot of preparation and balance. Noge approaches each set with gratitude and focuses on the moment each character comes with.

On the various sets Noge has worked on, she has been fortunate to have been in the midst of phenomenal women such as Bawinile Ntshaba, Lois Du Plessis and Tsholofelo Matshaba (House of Zwide).

She recalls how Ntshaba helped and walked her through scenes she found difficult, such as when her character Mampho experienced postpartum depression, something she was unfamiliar with, having never been a mother.

“I remember being so emotional, I’ve never even been pregnant, why would production do this to me and I remember Mama Bawinile taking me through the process and sharing her experiences and stories with me.

Picture: Supplied

“Being around women who always make sure you always have your best foot forward, that’s how they have empowered me. Their energy has been very contagious, with each imparting something on us.”

Noge empowers other young people by being open and willing to pass on the lessons and knowledge she has gained. “I’m always honest in saying that I’m also trying to figure it out.

“I give them what worked for me and also tell them it might not work for them but I encourage them to keep trying because that’s what we are all doing every day.”

She further encourages young girls and women to go for their dreams and to be fearless in all that they do. “Be brave, guard your heart, guard yourself and dream.”

“If your dreams don’t scare you, then you are not dreaming big enough; they need to make you uncomfortable and keep you awake at night.

“Let your light glow, you are unique and you need to own that difference, because there is only one you and we want to experience that light.”