Uncle Waffles showcases her musical depth with new single ‘Echoes’

Uncle Waffles. Picture: Instagram

Uncle Waffles. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 4, 2023


As her star continues to rise, amapiano star Uncle Waffles isn’t taking her foot off the paddle.

Having shown her prowess as an on-stage DJ, a performer, a radio host and a creative director, Waffles is now showcasing her depth as a musician.

On Thursday, she announced that ahead of her upcoming project, ‘An Asylum of Solace’, which is due out August 11, she would be releasing a new single titled ‘Echoes’.

“Before the 11th of August, we actually have a date tomorrow, 4/08/23 my baby is officially dropping,” she shared. “I have held onto it for a while but y'all finally get it. Thank you @lusandaofficial_ @officialmanana for creating something so beautiful.”

The new single sees Waffles bring in R&B vocalist Lusanda to take the lead on the smooth ballad alongside the talented local singer Manana as she shifts away from the hard-hitting amapiano sound she’s known for.

The song is the lead single ahead of the 23-year-old’s upcoming project ‘An Asylum of Solace’.

Earlier in the week, Waffles shared how the project, a follow-up to her recent EP titled ‘Asylum’, is part of the double sided project.

She described the project as a “curated musical version” of her journey and feelings since coming into the industry almost two years ago and seeing her life completely change.

“The first part of this project, ‘Asylum’ was a representation of the chaos in my mind trying to grasp, learn and run within this,” she said.

“How I'd feel like I was drowning some days but had to soldier on, the reality of going head first into such a beautiful industry.”

She described these feelings as feeling like she was in an asylum before adding, “Solace is a representation of the grace that followed me and gave me so much peace and happiness, a mirror into how beautiful this journey continues to be, the blessings within this journey.

“It represents an unexplainable feeling of gratitude that this journey chose me. With a few samples, also shows how I've been musically inspired over the years, and how it can all still tie in together. Thank you to every person involved, I hope you guys love this.”