MaBlerh to host ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ two-part reunion special

Mthokozisi Cele, better known as MaBlerh. Picture: Supplied

Mthokozisi Cele, better known as MaBlerh. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 26, 2023


Week after week, season three of “The Real Housewives of Durban” threw in a handful of drama and now the ladies are ready to unpack it all in the two-part reunion special.

In the final episode, the ladies drew a line in the sand regarding their friendships. Some individuals, like Mbali, have tried to stay on the fence, avoiding taking a stance on which “team” she’s a part of.

Nonku and Jojo have made it clear that they are okay with moving on with their friendship and without the other ladies. Annie, Slee, Sorisha and Maria - including Sane when she’s in the mood - have formed a friendship that is separate from the two ladies.

In the final scene, apologies were made but the “last supper” confrontation between Nonku and Slee saw hands being thrown.

With so much drama to unpack, a strong host was needed and Durban-born media personality and conversation curator Mthokozisi Cele, better known as MaBlerh, was approached for the role.

“The reunion of the Real Housewives has never been hosted by someone from Durban before, someone who understands the landscape and social dynamics of us as Durbanites,” he shared.

No stranger to the spotlight, MaBlerh is the smooth voice behind Kaya 959’s popular “The Weekend Update with MaBlerh” show.

He was a panellist on Mzansi Magic’s “Black Conversations”, a co-host on SABC3 talk show “Trending SA” and was cast in “Isibaya” as Justice Mnguni. The former publicist and blogger has a Bachelor of Economics from Rhodes University.

MaBlerh assured fans that he will not take his new job lightly, understanding that viewers want no stone left unturned when it comes to holding the ladies accountable for their actions this season.

“It’s been a hard-hitting season, so it would be remiss of me and a disservice to the fans of the show to go in there and not ask hard-hitting questions. Nothing is off limits and everything that was on the show will be put on the table.

“Viewers should expect a host who will fully represent them. A host who is a fan of the show. A host who will try his best to get the clarity we all need on everything that has happened during this season.”

Sam Kelly, Let it Rain Films’ executive producer, explained that MaBlerh was chosen because he understands the world of “The Real Housewives” as a fan of the show himself.

Kelly said: “We believe that he will bring the strong presence we need to host this reunion with care, tact and maturity, as the conversations will tackle the themes that have come up throughout the season.

“Our housewives this season are all strong women and we need someone who will not be afraid to engage and ask the questions that need to be asked.”