‘Sizok’thola’ viewers left looking for answers following death of alleged drug dealer during filming

Xolani Khumalo. Picture: Supplied

Xolani Khumalo. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 24, 2023


The death of a suspected drug dealer following a visit from television channel Moja Love’s show “Sizok'thola” has left viewers with plenty of questions.

“Sizok’thola” follows Xolani Khumalo who goes on crime-busting missions to confront suspected drug dealers who have taken over communities.

Moja Love on Sunday issued a statement confirming that indeed the crew was in the vicinity when the deceased suspected drug dealer Robert Varrie was being questioned.

“We understand that during the bust, which was conducted within the confines of the law, the suspected drug dealer, now the deceased, who is now known as Robert “Kicks” Varrwerd, resisted to cooperate with the lawful instructions of the recognised members of the community policing forum, who were dressed in their uniforms and had their credentials.

“Following persistence by the members of the community policy forum, the deceased agreed to hand over the illegal drugs that he had been hiding at the premises.”

While viewers were mostly left praising Khumalo and his team’s crime-busting efforts, the death of the suspected drug dealer had some scratching their heads while putting the pieces together.

@MphoMoalamedi tweeted: “I’ve always found it suspect that one minute they are denying that they have drugs, and then comes an ad break, after the ad break, they are sweating profusely, terrified and revealing everything… and it happens almost every episode, so what do they do to them during the break?”

@Sgoloza007 tweeted: “I find it strange that Xolani n' #Sizokthola crew have exposed so many drug dealers including corrupt gov officials, yet none of these stories made headline news, but now that a drug dealer has died suddenly all media houses are reporting, talk about a smear campaign, f*ck SA gov.”

@zilevandamme said: “Such goobeldegook. MojaLove needs to stop exploiting poor black people for ratings. Same with uyaJola99 where it is clear releases are not signed before people’s personal lives are aired for public ridicule. You need to be far more responsible. Drug dealers or not, rule of law!”

@MaS1banda tweeted: “You're invested in violent dysfunction, & when something reasonably foreseeable like this happens you try absolve yourselves of responsibility.

“Are the profits of the kind of "entertainment" you thrive off worth it?😣 (Some will say a drug dealer getting killed is OK. It isn't.)”