‘The Bala Family’ gets viewers invested in the drama

The Bala Family. Picture: Supplied

The Bala Family. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 24, 2023


The Bala Family” hit screens on April 20 and viewers have gotten an inside look into the lives of the musical family.

Siblings Pinky, Zwai, Loyiso and Phelo have a strong yet often-tested bond, they love their mother Veronica but her recent marriage to Mr Jaftha, who is their late father’s friend, has thrown a spanner into the works.

The first episode saw the family coming together for thanksgiving, at the family home, hosted by Veronica.

This plays as an introduction to everyone and acts as a teaser to the tension in the relationships.

Phelo, who is the youngest, spilled the tea on his ex-husband, media personality Moshe Ndiki, who he hasn’t seen in over a year.

Giving an update about his divorce, Phelo said after being advised what documents needed, he reached out to Ndiki for them but was blue-ticked.

At the thanksgiving lunch, Loyiso, his wife Jennifer and their three children arrived late, due to their last born’s nap time clashing with the start time.

Viewers were left entertained by the ‘Bala Family’ and shared their reviews on social media.

@Nani_Wonga tweeted: “I had no interest in #TheBalaFamily but after the first episode, I’m here for it. Sibling rivals, different belief systems, step-father they not feeling, makoti catching strays, inject in my veins.”

@Akhonacakata tweeted: “I’m loving this Family🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️ and I didn’t even know they have a sister- Pinky is sooo beautiful! Ingathi they’ve got just the right dose of drama too! #TheBalaFamily.”

@Leratorama said: “ Loyiso’s wife seems to be in control there, the excuse of 40min being far to see the Loyisos mom, then followed by babys nap issue and she speaks so confidently, this show is going to be lit #TheBalaFamily”

— Lerato Ramagogodi (@Leratorama) April 22, 2023