WATCH: ‘Mamazala’ presenter Dingaan Mokebe Khumalo forced to defend 2020 episode following Segomotsi Agnes Setshwantsho’s arrest

Khumalo has urged social media users who accused ‘Mamazala’ production of taking sides to let them do their jobs. Picture: Instagram

Khumalo has urged social media users who accused ‘Mamazala’ production of taking sides to let them do their jobs. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 24, 2023


Dingaan Mokebe Khumalo, host of Moja Love’s ‘Mamazala’ has taken to TikTok to deliver a message for viewers who took to X and criticize the show for taking sides.

Khumalo’s video comes after the arrest of a 49-year-old woman accused of murdering her husband, three children, and a relative for insurance money, who appeared on the show in 2020.

Footage of the ‘Mamazala’ episode, which aired in 2020, has since gone viral on social media after police arrested Segomotsi Agnes Setshwantsho last week.

Setshwantsho reached out to the Moja Love production, telling them of her squabbles with her now deceased husband's family.

In his video, Khumalo explained that many viewers often accuse the show of taking sides and turning on the people who write to the show when confronted with the in-laws.

“That woman came and she played and wanted us to believe that she was innocent, to a point where we believed she was innocent. We actually believed the in-laws were wrong,” he said, referring to the 2020 episode which has since resurfaced.

Setshwantsho stands accused of cashing out on insurance policies after the deaths of her relatives, who died under mysterious circumstances in the North West in March; her son in July 2023; her husband in 2016; and two daughters who died in 2005 and 2015.

“She even killed the child who wrote to ‘Mamazala’ saying that my grandparents are accusing my mom of killing my dad. That person who wrote to us, defending the mother - she killed that person too.


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“When we get there, and I as Dingaan, don’t believe her story, and when we get to her in-laws and they start giving me the facts. And I start hearing that the in-laws have the facts and the one that wrote to us doesn't have the facts.”

He explained that when he hears the full story and it doesn’t add up, despite you having written to the show, it doesn't mean you are innocent and we will take your side in the matter.

“Twitter stop making noise, you are not there on the field. You only watch a 30 minute edited video and want to tell us how to do our jobs.”

Setshwantsho is expected to appear in court for a formal bail application on November 24.