Sibusisiwe Jili back on Mzansi screens with new role in ‘Uzalo’

Sibusisiwe Jili as Nomkhosi Mhlongo and Linda Majola as Mzamo Shezi. Picture: Supplied

Sibusisiwe Jili as Nomkhosi Mhlongo and Linda Majola as Mzamo Shezi. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 7, 2023


SABC 1’s “Uzalo” has announced the addition of two dynamic characters to its stellar cast. These new characters promise to bring captivating storylines and intense conflicts to the show.

“The Wife” actor Linda Majola will portray Mzamo Shezi, a determined entertainer seeking fame and respect, while Sibusisiwe Jili takes on the role of Nomkhosi Mhlongo, a fierce and visionary leader advocating for gender equality.

It has been a while since viewers saw Jili on screens following her departure from “The Queen” last year, after two years portraying the character Georgina.

“The renowned Sibusisiwe Jili embodies the strength, intelligence, and unwavering determination that defines Nomkhosi's character brilliantly,” shared series producer King David Mukwevho.

Sibusisiwe Jili takes on the role of Nomkhosi Mhlongo in “Uzalo”. Picture: Supplied

Nomkhosi Mhlongo is the strong-willed daughter of Chief Shepherd Mhlongo, a natural-born leader with a fierce sense of justice. This feisty and wise young woman challenges the traditional norms of her rural village, advocating for gender equality and fighting for what she believes in.

With her university education and deep-rooted conviction, Nomkhosi returns to her community with a mission to lead and uplift her people. As she confronts obstacles and contends with her own cousin, Nkunzi, for the coveted Chieftaincy seat, Nomkhosi's character promises to bring forth intense conflicts and showcase her unyielding determination

Majola, expands his acting resume with his role on “Uzalo” as Mzamo Shezi, a self-proclaimed “wanna-be influencer, wanna-be fashionista, and wanna-be celeb,” is an entertainer with dreams of fame and recognition.

The rising star found fame after going viral for his social media videos, which later landed him a role on the highly watched “The Wife” and several other presenting gigs.

Having faced rejection and prejudice due to his sexuality, Mzamo seeks to prove himself and gain the respect he deserves. His journey takes an unexpected turn when the death of his best friend's father becomes a turning point for his aspirations, setting him on a path intertwined with power and influence.

Linda Majola will portray Mzamo Shezi in “Uzalo”. Picture: Supplied

As he navigates the complexities of village life and faces numerous challenges, Mzamo's character promises to captivate viewers with his resilience and determination.

“Uzalo” audiences can catch Jili's debut as Nomkhosi Mhlongo on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, and Linda Majola's debut as Mzamo Shezi, premiering on Tuesday, June 13, 2023.