Guy spends close to R7,000 at Durban restaurant and generously tips waiter

Restaurant bill. Picture: Facebook

Restaurant bill. Picture: Facebook

Published Jan 3, 2024


We might already be in January, but one thing is for sure, December was party time for most folk.

This was especially so for this Facebook user who clearly knows how to party and has no problem footing the bill.

Mutavhatsindi Wa Phawe Rams took to the app to reveal that he spent close to R7,000 on food and booze at a Durban restaurant called Max’s Lifestyle in uMlazi.

The bill showed that he was there on December 10, 2023.

The exorbitant bill indicated that even though the meal came to R6,068, he in fact spent R6,975 in total.

That included the standard 10% service charge, but he added a bit extra for the waiter as well.

I’m sure the waiter was left smiling!

He captioned the post, which included three pictures of the bill, “The bill was settled nd waiter got his share.”

The most expensive item on the bill was a bottle of Moët Impérial that set him back R2,100.

Other items included a bottle of Hennessy that cost R1,500 and six bottles of the popular drink Ice Tropez that cost him a total of R780.

Food items on the bill included chicken wings for R426, T-bone steak for R388 and wors for R193.

Restaurant bill. Picture: Facebook

Ntaoleng Selepe replied: “I will never pay so much on booze 🤞🏾🤣. I would be fainted by now.”

Kereemang Maseloane said: “Ekare nkabe kele waiter (I wish I was the waiter), I am so broke can’t even pay attention 🤣🤣.”

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