WATCH: DJ Shimza ‘catches’ delivery driver who almost ‘stole’ his food

DJ Shimza ‘catches’ UberEats delivery driver who almost ‘stole’ his food. Picture:

DJ Shimza ‘catches’ UberEats delivery driver who almost ‘stole’ his food. Picture:

Published Feb 2, 2023


Award-winning DJ, Ashley Raphala aka Shimza has claimed that his UberEats delivery driver found a way to steal his food on Wednesday night after making an order at KFC using the platform.

In a Twitter thread, Raphala wrote: “Uber Eats drivers have found a way to steal food, I had to call my gate to not let the driver out after completing the delivery without delivering the food, he says I cancelled while I saw him just pass my house, security brought him back after he refused to drive back @UberEats,” he wrote.

“It’s the last delivery of the day, the shop has closed so he wouldn’t be able to take back the food, passing my house was so that when Uber Eats checks his tracker it shows that he went to the address, all he has to say is that he did deliver,” added Raphala.

The Uber support team reached out to the popular DJ under the comment section to get his numbers so they could get in touch with him.

“We are extremely concerned to hear about this, Shimza. Please DM us the mobile number linked to your account and the order ID so that we can get in touch right away,” they wrote.

Raphala’s followers were furious over the incident.

Many other tweeps also shared their stories on how they went through similar situations.

“Oh it’s a norm now, we need to get rid of them and get locals to deliver, I also had such an incident. Nearly moered that guy yeses,” wrote one user.

A second user wrote: “I've stopped, I rather order and go collect. These guys steal our food.”

Another user commented: “It’s something they usually do, especially last orders of the day.”