WATCH: ‘She made Chappies’ - Nara Smith goes viral for making bubblegum from scratch

Nara Smith made bubblegum for her sister-in-law. Picture: Screenshot / TikTok

Nara Smith made bubblegum for her sister-in-law. Picture: Screenshot / TikTok

Published May 2, 2024


Nara Smith’s baby is just over two-weeks-old and the mom of three is already back in the kitchen cooking up interesting dishes.

The South African-born model is best known for making dishes from scratch.

She left people dumbstruck when she made grilled cheese sandwiches for her little ones, made her own bread, pesto and she even made the mozzarella cheese from scratch.

She even makes her own cereal, Oreos and butter.

In her latest video, she shows how she makes bubblegum from scratch, which has left TikTokers in awe.

Smith, who is married to model Lucky Blue Smith, posted the video yesterday and it has already gone viral with over 13 million views and 2.2 million likes.

“My sister is in town to visit and she’s been craving bubblegum so bad but she ran out. So I just decided to make it for her,” says Smith at the start of the video.

She then continues to show viewers how she makes two flavours of gum for her sister. The one was green apple (her sister-in-law’s favourite flavour) and the other was cinnamon and vanilla which she describes as tasting like a doughnut.

With almost 22k comments, South Africans couldn’t help but have their say.

@naraazizasmith who doesn’t love bubble gum! #easyrecipes #homecooking #candy #bubblegum #fypツ ♬ O mio babbino caro (Gianni Schicchi:Puccini:Adami) - AllMusicGallery

One commented: “Can you make electricity for us her in SA? We’ll be craving it after 29 May.”

Another echoed that saying: “After elections, we need you to come to SA to make electricity.”

“She made Chappies sana,” said another local TikToker.

The viral video made its way onto X where folk were blown away.

One user commented: “Nara Smith just made bubble gum from scratch and I’m still trying to get my lil bread recipe together.”

“Nara Smith is so funny… she really made chewing gum from scratch. I’m sorry but I have no other option to stan this lady. She can make everything,” said another.

“Nara smith is the definition of “we got food at home” she literally knows how to make anything from scratch,” said another.

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